Preserving Creativity


The MPA believes in protecting creative works and the people who make them. Whether you’re making a film, writing a book or recording a song, the amount of time, effort, and investment is more than a passion – it’s also someone’s livelihood. For America’s creative sector to thrive, intellectual property laws must protect the hard work of creators and makers while ensuring an Internet that works for everyone.

Protecting creativity takes commitment from a wide range of people and organizations, from movie theater owners and operators, to technology companies and online service providers, to retailers large and small, to search engines, to law enforcement agencies. These voluntary, often industry-to-industry partnerships are a constant reminder that we all have a role to play in preventing great content from being stolen or misused.

Consumers can help, too. The motion picture and television industry is creating more ways than ever before for audiences to find their favorite films and television shows in a variety of platforms. For a detailed list, check out for seamless, legal streaming services and apps.

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